Bagnall Software Consultants Ltd

Company Information

Bagnall Software Consultants Ltd, founded in 1991, provide software services to the IT industry and their clients. We take pride in producing high-quality, professional software. Our commitment and attention to detail helps ensure that we have the confidence of new clients and secure repeat contracts from existing clients. Our first client retained our services for over 3½ years.

Repeat business is our key motivation. Being asked back is the most positive feedback and acknowledgement of success that anyone can have.

Bagnall Software Consultants was incorporated in May 1996 as Bagnall Software Consultants Ltd

In 1995 Bagnall Software Consultants became a business partner of Smallworld (Now GE Network Solutions).

In 1999, Bagnall Software Consultants Ltd attained advanced accreditation status with Smallworld.

Previous experience dating back to the early 1980s, reinforces our expertise and allows us to adapt rapidly to customers requirements by applying a broad knowledge of the IT industry.

We secured several repeat contracts with Aspentech to work on their Aspen Zyqad system, programming in Visual Basic and Intergraph RAD.

More recently we are specialising in web based development.